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Misc. Resources 

 FREE Sheet Music with Audio

 Free Jazz Audio mp3 files  Marina, Marina
 FAKE BOOK (Commercial Encyclopedia)  Musette Polka
 Satin Doll  Song Sung Blue
 Syncopated Clock  Clochard Swing Foxtrot
 Charming Valse  Ganz in Weiss
 The Jack Swenningsen Story  Garden of Roses
 Magnante Advice to Accordionists  Blue Bayou
 Hi Lili - Hi Lo  El Rio Drive
 Oh! Ma! Ma! (The Butcher Boy)  El Rio Drive (PDF by Ron Ostromecki)
 The Pink Panther  Astoria Samba
 Softly As In A Morning Sunrise  Happy Again

 The Real Book 1

 Linda's Bavarian Bouquet
 The Real Book 2  Mr Ed's Polka
 The Real Book 3  Agnetha Samba
 "First Class" Accordion Novelty Solo  Junge, Komm Bald Wieder
 An American In Paris (BettyJo Simon)  Moonlight Tango
 Snow Train Shuffle (John Gart)  Morning Sky
 Tenderly  Nur Einmal Im Leben
 Tarantella (Art Metzler)  Polka 76
 In Tune With Fun (Accordion Comic)  Printemps En Provence
 Magnante Album - Moods for Moderns  El Chico Samba
 After The Lovin'  (Tony Dannon)  Someone
 Champagne Polka (Myron Floren)  Sommernacht Auf Capri
 Francesco Marano Compositions  Will You Love Me
 Matterhorn Polka (Art Metzler)  Your Lips Tell Me No
 Abruzzo In Festa + 8 more  The Jolly AccordionMan (Connie Mantini WebSite)
 Come Sei Bella Stasera + 8 more  Carrozza Remembered
 Maracas + 8 more  Accordiana (Magnante PDF)
 Perignon + 8 more  Accordion Boogie (Magnante PDF)
 Tango Figurato + 7 more  French Waltz No. 1
   French Waltz No. 2
   French Waltz No, 3 (Duet)
   Two Guitars (Magnante PDF)
   Dark Eyes (Magnante PDF)
   Beer Barrel Polka (Magnante PDF)
   On The Trail (Magnante PDF)
   Nice Little Waltz